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Chapter 01: Introduction & Agribusiness

Bangladesh has a first and foremost agrarian economy. It is the single largest producing sector of the economy of Bangladesh. Most of the Bangladeshi people are involved with agricultural activities. They earn their living by doing such activities. It includes about 30% of the country’s GDP. Near about 60% people of our country are involved with agricultural activities which prove that a large amount of labor force is doing such activities. It has a great impact on some major objectives, such as- employment generation, poverty alleviation, human resources development and food security.

Agricultural holdings in Bangladesh are generally small. Through Cooperatives the use of modern machinery is
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Almost 3million firms are involved in jute production. The decline in jute production is attributed to declining world prices for this crop and to farmers switching to other crops.

Tea leaves are also produced in Bangladesh. It is mainly produced for export. Although the export of this product contributes only 1 percent of the country’s currency. The most important problem to increasing production is in diminishing prices for tea in the international market and in management and regulation problems in the industry in the country.

Tropical rainforest contributes 1.9 percent to the GDP. It is very important to maintain the ecological balance in Bangladesh. Huge number of timbers is collected from these tropical rainforest. They are used in the construction work, by the printing industry as a source of materials to produce paper, in the agricultural sector as a source of firewood.

Fishing is another agricultural activity of our country. It contributes 4.9 percent of the GDP. It provide of the 6 percent of the total export income. Bangladesh mainly exports its shrimp to the international market. Production agriculture is indeed a business which term as an agribusiness.

Present situation of Agribusiness Company in Bangladesh
Agribusiness companies diverse private agro enterprises a majority of which are small mostly in rular market towns and operated by households that often have wage labor and

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