Essay on Genetically Engineering The Human Genome

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Genetically Engineering the Human Genome
Genetically modifying the human genome, also known as the complete set of genetic material, is now more than just science fiction. After 25 years of collecting and analyzing scientific research, altering the human genome is becoming a concrete reality (Yu-Wai-Man 1322). Genetically modifying the human genome is deliberately altering human genes for the purpose of producing offspring with those genetic changes. Majority of the research being conducted for genetically modifying the human genome is being conducted on mice. Likewise, using mice to study genetic engineering is a “powerful method for studying gene function and creating animal models of human diseases” (Liu, Xie, Gui, Du 217). Understanding the history of genome engineering, knowing the procedures, and being aware of the ethical issues of this aggressive approach to curing human genetic diseases are the main aspects to grasping the whole knowledge of modifying the genes within the human genome.
One of the beginning procedures for genetic engineering is pronuclear microinjection. Pronuclear microinjection is a technique that is “intrinsically simple, although it requires expensive equipment and high levels of skill” (Smith 78). The discovery of pronuclear microinjection was attributed to Dr. Jon Gordon, as he was the one that “demonstrated that exogenous, or foreign, DNA could be introduced into the genome simply by the physical injection of a solution of cloned DNA into a…

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