Genetic Engineering In Huxley's Brave New World

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The program of genetic engineering in Lowry’s The Giver has common features like that of Brave New World but it takes a different course. In The Giver humans are genetically engineered to stop seeing differences and colors. The process of genetic engineering in this novel is made by genetic scientists who study human genes and attempt to eliminate differences or unique characteristics in these genes to make all people the same. The climate and topography are also scientifically controlled. If selective breeding, in real scientific experiments, is used with animals for certain purposes, it is used with people in The Giver for choosing the best genes that are able to achieve sameness. The scientists in this dystopian society use selective breeding …show more content…
Brave New World promotes promiscuous sex and the general attitude toward sex is that one sexual partner is not enough. Promiscuous sex in this society is legal whereas emotional attachment or love is illegal. Sex is dehumanized and made devoid of passion; it is treated casually and publicly rather than as a personal matter. Promiscuous sex is celebrated in different ways; it is presented in the ‘Feelies’ and in ceremonies. There is no real relationship between sex, love, commitment, intimacy and reproduction or any kind of deep emotion; it is used for distraction and pacification. The act of sex in Huxley’s novel is controlled by a system of social rewards for promiscuity and lack of commitment. Even children are asked to play erotic games in the hatchery and conditioning centre. For them it is normal that children do such things and have fun doing them. When people grow older and their passions grow calm and become less excited and less excitable, the authorities impose sex as an act of release, an outlet and a form of entertainment. Science and technology have an important role in finding methods of contraception to prevent reproduction resulted from promiscuous sex. The method used in Brave New World is sterilization and contraceptives. The World State sterilizes two thirds of women. The women who are not sterilized have to use contraceptives. If a woman gets pregnant, there are many abortion clinics where she can abort her baby. Sex in Huxley’s world is abnormal and odd.
Unlike Brave New World, in The Giver, sexual desires are repressed. And if there appears any sexual stirring, it is suppressed by using a certain drug not named in the novel. There is a medication used for stopping sexual urges in young people. Sex is an alarming matter for the elders. When Jonas has a dream interpreted as sexual stirrings, his mother gives him a medication and informs him

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