Genetic Engineering Vs Genetic Evolution

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Niklas Aggelidis
Dr. Blackwood
English 11
6 March 2015

Genetic Engineering – How far will we go?
We are living in a world which is changing with an exponential pace; every day humans are creating new inventions, gathering new knowledge about scientific phenomena and starting new empirical projects. Genetic engineered organisms are yet part of our life on a daily basis, even though we do not recognize it as that. Already today there are heated debates about how far we should go with genetically modified plants or animals. In the future, perhaps just a couple decades, we might even create a new species of humans, genetically enhanced and superior to us. Undoubtedly we will be capable of performing such an endeavor some time; the question is
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Traditional Breeding
GE has major advantages in comparison to traditional breeding. To begin with, traditional breeding has the need for mating. Since organisms can only reproduce if they belong to the same species, the pool of genes which the offspring can get its genes from is limited to those genes already existing within the species. The offspring takes half of the genes of each parent, which may also include undesirable traits that were not intended to be passed to the offspring.
On the other hand, GE has no need for mating and the most significant aspect is that it allows the transfer of genes between different species, therefore desired traits can be implemented into a species from another (“What”). It is clear that GE is much more precise than traditional breeding.

What has been accomplished so far and what is the
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Traits such like intelligence, beauty, endurance, strength, other personal characteristics and tendencies and individual preferences could be enhanced (“Gene”). People have the chance to predestinate the life of their children in the way that they think is best for them. They could decide if they want a boy or a girl, what tan it will have, if it is going to be blonde or brown haired, what eye color it will have, and also you can enhance certain traits that are in your favor. Do you rather want an athlete or a scientist, a lawyer, a doctor or a model

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