Genetic Modification Of The Human Genome Essay

737 Words Nov 12th, 2016 3 Pages
Genetic modification of the human genome should be limited so that people have a choice in only the most extreme and desperate situations. While genetically engineering humans may have the potential to decrease or even erase susceptibility to particular illnesses, disorders, diseases, and physical and mental health issues in individuals who may inherit one or more of these genetic maladies, there is no guarantee that it would not cause more serious health issues than the ones we are trying to eliminate now.
Genetic modification is defined as the direct manipulation of DNA to alter an organism’s characteristics (in this case, humans). The genetic modification of the human genome is used to modify or enhance certain characteristics. It could be used to build resistance of many serious diseases, mental or physical disorders, birth defects and genetic mutations. In eliminating these potential genetic maladies, the idea is that an individual will live a longer, healthier and much more productive life.
Potential benefits of genetic modification in human embryos include the prevention of birth defects, longer and healthier life, and the knowledge gained from successfully working out issues within the human genome. Theoretically, genetically modified individuals would be healthier, stronger, more intelligent, more efficient in societal productivity, more likely to succeed in life, slower to age, and more likely to die of old age. Parents of infants who might otherwise be born with…

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