Generation X And Millennials : Workforce Essay

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Generation X and Millennials in workforce What is generation X and Millenneal? A 2008 article by The Observer, the Generation X birth years as falling between 1965 and 1982; the same article later describes Millennials as being born between 1982 and 2002. Employees form Gen X are totally different from Millenial or Gen Yers! Gen Xers are more successful in workforce better than Gen Yers. The differences between both group in workforce are education’ level, financial issue, management, and technology that employee in each generation had. The First difference is the employee’s Education level. Most Gen Xers employees have at least an associate’s degree has become a minimum requirement for obtaining jobs that provide a middle-class lifestyle (Ithaca, 56). In contrast, most of Gen Yers have complete only diploma and find the job. In our source wrote, “As a result, education no longer ends with a high school diploma for most young people. The majority starts college, and one-third eventually obtains a bachelor’s or higher degree.” In fact, “Generation X is the best-educated generation, with 33 percent of its members having completed a bachelor’s degree. This compares with a slightly smaller 32 percent of Millennials and 30 percent of Baby (Boomers Ithaca, 60).” For example, the employee that work as a professor in university are most likely from Gen Xers, but Gen Yers are often appear at fast food restaurant or Wall mart. So, Gen Xers have more higher education and…

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