General Education Requirements: Revision for Success Essay

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General education requirements, or GERs, in universities are basically what the name implies, "General." These courses are too vague in terms of helping each student succeed. The requirements are suppose to help each student become more well-rounded but this is done by pounding useless information in students' minds within a short amount of time. Therefore, students are paying money to learn about things that they will forget the next semester. General education requirements need to be revised to help students learn more about what they are in school for. Major specific GERs are a necessity in universities because they save time and money for students. These more specific GERs would also better students in their adult lives because they …show more content…
And vice versa, an engineer should take more math classes than an English major. This cannot be done through a university wide general education requirement list. This is why the requirement lists should be made for specific major instead of the whole student body. Some degree plans at Oklahoma State University require specific courses for their major but it is in addition to the universities requirement. This should be flipped. There should be fewer requirements from the university and more from the specific colleges that actually run each major program. "The revival of interest in general education is a promising antidote to the patchwork curriculum" (Kridel 148). And making requirements based on majors would revive interests in general education. This idea is very similar to the concepts that are in Howard Gardner's "A Rounded Version: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences." A standardized test cannot accurately portray true intelligence in a student, and a standardized course list cannot accurately prepare students for their specific careers. Gardner splits IQs into seven different categories. This is similar to a university because it is split into different colleges that are more specific. In the Multiple Intelligences Theory, you can pick a category that represents your personality and abilities. This is the same at universities. A student chooses a major because they want to actively pursue a greater education

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