Reflective Essay On Post-Secondary Education

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It was August 7th 2013 first day of junior year I was wearing my new Nike Elite tennis shoes, and sporting my brand new Northface backpack to go along with my fresh “back to school” haircut. We wore uniforms at my school so I had on a black polo and khaki shorts, because it was super-hot that day. It was the first school year I was able to be in the program Ross Collins, offered only for juniors and seniors at my high school. The purpose of Ross Collins career and Technical center was to help provide students for the necessary skills needed to successfully make a transition into post-secondary education or work and prepare these students to successfully compete in a global market. There were a numerous amount of fields I could study for example: …show more content…
Each day we came to class we would have a journal writing assignment due on different points that were hard to give your opinion on, but was an excellent way to think outside of the box. Mrs. Shummaker would ask our opinion on things and ask us to express the way some statements made us think. We did career research reports where we all did research on the career we were most interested in, post information on a poster board, and use the die-cut the words “Elementary teacher” in my personal experience. The pre-k lab is a classroom that was directly beside ours that we could get thorough using the door we shared. There were about eight-teen two and three year olds in the class that we got to work with. The classroom was filled with colorful carpets with numbers and letters, reading stations filled with picture books and little bean bags, cubbies where the children kept their coats and backpacks, and the children’s art work was hanging up everywhere. Every week we would have to visit the pre-k lab three times. We helped them cut paper, do projects such as finger painting their mothers a heart on Valentine’s day and a jack-o-lantern on Halloween, building LEGO bridges along with LEGO trucks, I even learned a couple new catchy songs as a way of remembering the days of the week and months of the

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