Gender Swapping In The Virtual World

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Register to read the introduction… This innovated aspect has changed the life of many individuals many go on the virtal community and see it as their daily realistic life. Becky Glasure first experience of online game was Everquest and joined because she was not notice, didn’t have authority, importance, and desired for society listen and to pay attention to her, but the only attraction anyone notice only were her pixel breasts. Becky decided to switch genders and choose the darkest, biggest guy avatars there was for the MNO City of Heroes. A specific text on page 136 of the LAUSD Contemporary Composition states her reason for choose and built that type of character, “When I play this big guy, everybody listens to me... Nobody argues with me… No questions asked.”(Levine 136) Becky feels she finally has what she wants, the superiority to take not be follower but the leader. Her avatar Stygion Physic represents the type life she feels comfortable and authority. On the page 147 of the LAUSD Contemporary Composition text informs the reader why the user switch genders, “virtual gender swapping is easier that doing it in real life” (Turkle 147). The virtual community has founded a place to switch genders essentially allows the person to be in level of comfort something the reality world could be able to offer but not at an easy way without cost. For example, the individual have to undergo through plastic surgery or other expensive and painful methods to change their …show more content…
Beyond the usage for the purpose the online community has offer a social communicating world to engage into online relationship (dating). In the Article “Who Am We” on page 154 of the LAUSD Contemporary Composition the individual interview explains to the inform to the reader of his online relationship, “MUDs have brought Stewart the only romance and intimacy he has ever know…Stewart, who has know little success in dating and romantic relationships was able to charm this desirable player” (Turkle 154). The online community has allowed Stewart to be more active in relationships ships. Stewart believes his avatar is really not different to him at all, “Stewart insists that he does not role play, But that MUDs simply allow him to be a better version of himself” (Turkle 153).Without the existence of the online community his success in relationships would not exist. The virtual world essentially offers a place form people to communicate with various people to get in to relationships online something the actual and realistic world can’t

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