Gender Socialization : A Controversial Topic Essay

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Gender Socialization
Gender Socialization is a very controversial topic, but I am going to discuss and tell you how females are socialized because of their gender and what is expected of them. The next thing I will talk about is how males are socialized based off of their gender and what is expected of them. Finally, we will talk about the two types of gender socialization and how they affect our relationships. Gender Socialization is when you are learning the different social expectations and attitudes that are associated with one person’s particular sex. Sociologists have come to explain Gender Socialization in different ways that males and females act, and because of the different social roles that are associated with the particular gender that they are.
Females are socialized based on their gender because that is how our society treats them. For example, women are expected to stay home and all they do is cook food, clean their house and anything and everything to show the different roles you will have as the different genders. Society has always placed stuff a certain ways whenever we were young because the toys for girls would always be pink, and the boys were always blue. In our society, everyone only focuses on the appearance of the girls, like how their hair, makeup, and clothes look. It is somewhat superficial how guys treat girls and how they also expect girls to be the only ones to cook, simply because that is a typical “girl thing” to do. Girls are also…

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