Essay Gender Roles : The Women Of The Seven Kingdoms

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Feminist today are coined as third-wave feminists, which focus on abolishing gender role through actions of assertiveness, power and in control of their own sexuality. Everywhere in pop culture women are hypersexualized and cast into their predisposed gender role. At first glance, Games of Thrones looks like one monopolistic fantasy after another, naked beautiful women and men holding all the power in society. Under the constant oppression of a society dominated by men, the women of the Seven Kingdoms have risen from their oppression and have slowly begun taking over power in the sixth season. From Arya Stark fending for herself to Daenerys Targaryen conquering city after city, the women of Game of Thrones are breaking through their gender confinements. The female characters in Game of Thrones represent modern day feminism and hold more power than men.
Daenerys Targaryen demonstrates modern day feminism by holding more power than any man in the Seven Kingdoms. In episode four of season six, Daenerys is taken captive by the Dothraki, who are notoriously savages are treat all women as sexual property. The khals are deciding the fate of Dani, either making her a Dosh Khaleen or raping her and trading her to the Wise Masters of Yunkai. Instead of accepting here fate, she burns the temple with all the khals which lead her becoming the leader of the Dothraki. The tone of the scene, from the darkness to Daenerys being the only female surround by men in a dark environment,…

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