Essay about Gender Roles Of Girls And Boys

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Have you ever asked a little girl what she wants to be when she grows up? The usual response is no different from her male counterparts. As young children they don’t pay much mind to gender roles. Girls and boys are equally likely to have confidence in their athletic and leadership skills. As girls grow up they grow more and more doubtful and discouraged from those things. Women are originally not so insecure and we have our own ideas of what we want in life. What is to blame for this sudden change in the once carefree and ambitious young women we remember seeing and maybe even growing up as? I remember growing up as a young girl I thought I could be anything. That no matter who you were it was hard work, achievements, and your treatment of others that earned you respect and praise. It wasn’t long until I realized that the world wasn’t as black and white as I assumed. Seemingly out of nowhere it all changed, smart girls went from revered to ostracized for being “annoying” or “bossy”. Most of us started paying more attention to make up and clothes while boys still retained the same interests. “Oh it’s just puberty taking course!” People would say, “Girls start to care about their looks around this age, there’s nothing strange about this at all.” Around middle school is the time where young girls are put into much different categories than previously. Although they are still on a much smaller scale identified by their interests or talents, who they are can be put into two…

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