Same Sex Parenting On Children's Development

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Same Sex Marriage Imagine that a government purposefully denied over 1,000 rights and benefits from one group of people who haven’t broken any laws. Would you support that government? In the United States, same sex couples are denied legal marriage. “We speak a common language with other parents from bed time to bath time. And over time, more people will realize that LGBT families have a lot in common with traditional families” (Jennifer Chrisler). Why is it a problem if children with no home have two loving parents no matter what their sexual orientation? “Young adults brought up in lesbian families were more likely to be proud of their mother’s sexual identity as a lesbian than were children brought up in heterosexual single mother families” …show more content…
“The minor differences between gender perceptions of children of gay or lesbian parents and children of heterosexual parents can be attributed to the parents more liberal attitudes rather than as a direct result of their sexual orientation” (“The Effects of Lesbian and Gay Parenting on Children’s Development”). Homosexuality doesn’t affect children the parents attitudes do. Being lesbian or gay does not affect your children. What does affect them is your attitude, the way you act and see life will affect your children. “Relationship between child and parents is the most influential factor in the child’s perception of his or her non-conventional family identity and his or her parents sexual orientation” (”The Effects of Lesbian and Gay Parenting on Children’s Development”). Relationships between parent and child are more important than what the parent’s sexual orientation is. The relationship between the parent and child is more important so why are we so focused on not allowing gay or lesbians to adopt? “Lesbian and gay parents do not have an effect on their children’s overall development” (“The Effects of Lesbian and Gay Parenting on the Child’s Development”). There is no effect on the child’s development. More focus needs to be on the child-parent relationship and not parent’s sexual orientation. We need to worry more about the relationships between parent and child rather than focusing on sexual

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