Essay On Objectification Of Women In Media

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Is the objectification of women in the media playing a role in gender inequality?

Objectification means treating a person as a commodity or an object without regard to their personality or dignity. In today’s society objectification, of women especially, is treated as the norm and accepted as a part of everyday life. This creates a harmful ideology for young girls as they grow up with it all around them at all times. It is also harmful for women trying to get further in life and being respected as people as they are only noticed for their looks not by their professional skill sets. The mainstream media is a major culprit for continuing this objectification through advertisements and films.

A major case to highlight this is in many advertisements on TV and in magasines. A large number of them feature half-naked women portrayed as weak or submissive whilst advertising things that don’t have anything to do with it. One
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The media is degrading women and it has become such a normal part of life that hardly anyone notices anymore, they haven’t had it any other way. It is because the media portrays women as objects, not subjects, even good men, when speaking out against violence against women, tell other men to imagine her as “somebody’s wife, somebody’s mother, somebody’s daughter, or somebody’s sister,” it never occurring to them that maybe, just maybe, a woman is also just a “somebody”. Women are objectified in more profound ways than is realised and it needs to stop in order to achieve women being recognized and treated as human

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