Essay about Gender Inequality Within The Workplace

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The structure of work has generally been segregated between the sexes. In the Kaleidoscope of Gender, “Gendered Organizations in the New Economy” discusses the differences in work that are based on gender assumptions. Previously, males were viewed as the breadwinner and females as the nurturer. Joan Aker’s Organizational Logic states that jobs are catered to males as the construct of work creates gender inequality. Jobs were rigid system will long hours and specialization was a key factor. The worker performed the specified task at a particular time with supervision from their managers. It was a stable job that allowed for to a set form of promotion or career development. This type of work was catered to males, as family life is not a gender characteristic as it is for females. However, there is a shift within the workforce that allows more women the opportunity progress in this sphere. The change in the workforce relies on teamwork and more flexibility for the employee. Jobs are not as stable but viewed as temporary. Through this workforce system, men and women are presented with increased options in balancing their family and work life.
The balance between work and family life is a concern for many husbands and wives. The individual’s career may shift or end in order to raise their children and care for the home. Historically, the role of the wife was the caretaker and the person in charge of the house chores. Though many women continue to enter this public sphere of…

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