Gender Inequalities Of Educational Achievement Essay

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Gender Inequalities in Educational Achievement Gender inequality is evident in many aspects of life. Some believe that men are predominantly better equipped for executive level positions in business, in religious leadership roles and industrial management operations while others believe that only women can be effective in the nursing field, as educational professionals and fashion industry leaders. These preconceived notions about gender superiority and inferiority begin even earlier than one might think. Gender inequality is evident among school age children’s achievement levels, beginning in kindergarten and continuing through their high school years. Research suggests that there are many contributing factors for gender inequality in school age children, however it is the responsibility and duty of school administration, teaching and counseling professionals, as well as state and federal education departments, to aggressively identify and address potential disparities before they become the standard. Depending on the research material being reviewed and the country the study was performed in, findings reveal many differing ideas about boy vs. girl attainment levels, however, there is a common theme overall, boys tend to have higher achievement scores in particular areas of study, Math and Science. In the same respect, girls score higher in Reading and Spelling than boys do. Attention to the two primary subjects, Math and Reading, is of particular importance because…

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