Gender, Gender And Gender Identity Essay

1021 Words Oct 27th, 2016 5 Pages
Through everyday interactions we display gender identity. In the article, “Doing Gender”, West and Zimmerman claim that gender is through everyday interactions. After reading this article, I realized that I display my gender and gender identity in my everyday life through various social, cultural, and political contexts. Firstly, throughout generations social standards are constantly changing. In my experience, I find that most standards are displayed on social media. The other day, I was scrolling on Twitter and discovered a picture that depicted how society wants women to become into a specific category. For example, women are usually shown to be wearing a lot of makeup and being “caked” just to make themselves look like a pretty woman. Every morning I would wake up early just to do my makeup and I have no idea why I constantly do it. I honestly find that social standards convinced me that since I am a woman, I must wear makeup. Social media gives woman a high expectation to be a “pretty woman” and thus, gives woman the idea that if you don 't wear makeup you shouldn’t be classified as a woman. Also, social media shows more option on clothes for woman compared to men. Usually, there are different kinds of clothing for woman, either long clothing that makes you look like a “nun” or short tight clothing that makes you look like a “slut”. Recently when I’ve been out shopping, I looked around the store to see the different clothing compared to woman and men. I found out that…

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