Gender Discrimination: the Main Reason That Women Are Paid Less Than Men

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More than 2,000 years ago the Greek philosopher Plato wrote… “Nothing can be more absurd than the practice that prevails in our country of men and women not following the same pursuits with all their strengths and with one mind, for thus, the state instead of being whole is reduced to half.”(Plato, The Laws) There is a nationwide debate as to whether or not women are paid less than men as a result of gender discrimination in the workforce. It is our position that gender discrimination is in fact the main reason women are paid less than men, and we will defend our position with appropriate statistics and
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Why is this issue important to organizations? One reason for organizations to pay men and women equally for the same amount of work is to avoid any legal ramifications which can lead to severe financial penalties. Another important reason to avoid discriminating against women is that discrimination can draw negative publicity for the company, leading to poor performance in the workplace and potential loss of sales. Companies that do not follow the Equal Pay Act are stalling the already slow process for women’s equality in the United States. Organizations need to help accelerate the process and they may be rewarded and receive positive publicity which in turn can improve company morale and customer satisfaction. Furthermore, this good reputation makes a company also more attractive for women of the academic labor market and might enable the organization to gain a sustainable competitive advantage within the industry by obtaining high-quality female human resources. It also might lead to better relationships to other stakeholders such as state and government, creditors or suppliers. For instance, it is quite enough to look on the recent case of the class action of female employees against Wal-Mart (Christie, J., “Wal-Mart Faces Historic Sex Bias Case”, 2007). This lawsuit was published in numerous newspapers and other media. Can you imagine how that will affect the company’s reputation in the future? Possibly a lot of women will be in

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