Gender Wage Gap

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The gender wage gap is an important controversial issue today. This issue has a severe impact on society; it impairs the United States ability to provide social justice, and creates problems for the economy. This issue is seen as one that only affects women, however it indirectly affects the whole country. Today women are paid roughly eighty cents per dollar that men make making it a very sensitive and critical issue.
The history of pay inequality is quite interesting as it has been around for many years but still is not resolved today. Because of the lack of workforce due to World War II many women got jobs in the 1940’s. Since the beginning of women working there has always been a gender wage gap. This can be explained by “women 's traditional
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One reason being it directly affects half of the population, but also affects society all together in more indirect ways. Single mothers are the poorest group of people in the United States. Women have always played a big role as the caretaker of children. So some solutions to this issue suggest that if the United States “promotes women’s upward mobility the state can establish, for instance, social services that provide caregiving for dependents, limit working time, and promote a ‘work-life balance.’”(James J. Ponzetti). Without equal pay many mothers cannot take care of their children. This is an issue society as a whole should be concerned about because the future is growing up in poverty without equal chances and opportunities. America prides itself on its economic mobility but for many people there is no chance at that when there is a pay gap present. The economic participation of both male and female is extremely important as it helps with “lowering household poverty, enabling women to establish and maintain an independent household, and supporting an inclusive society” (William A. Darity Jr.). Without the gender pay gap closed the United States citizens suffer many consequences. For these reasons the gender wage gap is an important issue because disabling women’s future disables the future of the children in this …show more content…
It has been narrowing for quite some time now. In the year 1999 “median annual earnings for women working full-time year-round were only 72.2 percent of men 's annual earnings” (James J. Ponzetti). Now women today make eighty cents per dollar that a man makes. Since the gender wage gap has not closed, only became smaller, President Barack Obama has tried to diminish it completely. President Obama signed the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Restoration Act, which allows employees to file a complaint against their employer for pay discrimination. He has also signed two important executive orders. The first executive order President Obama signed made it illegal for federal contractors to punish an employee for discussing their pay, and the other executive order demands federal contractors to submit information to the labor department. The information required to submit to labor departments includes employee’s salary broken down between race and gender. The gender wage gap issue recently got a lot of attention when Republican senators blocked the Paycheck Fairness Act, whose primary goal was to greater enforce the executive orders and Equal Pay Act. With these actions taken to restrict the progression of equal pay the gender wage gap has become one of the most popular controversial issues of this time.
The gender wage gap is an issue that affects everyone. Female college graduates may have trouble finding a job that pays them what they deserve

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