Gender, Cultural, And Ethnic Differences Essay

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As the workforce continues to diversify, managers are forced to react effectively to these changes. Aside from race, gender, cultural, and ethnic differences, managers should be able to recognize the difference in the personality types. The ability to recognize personality types and the various traits involved prove to be advantageous for understanding various workstyles. The Meyers-Briggs Test provides insight into what traits are prevalent in one’s personality by assorting them in a four letter system. Coupling the four letter personality type with the informative Type Talk at Work book enables one to gather the tools necessary to capitalize on personality strengths and weaknesses. Managers with the ability to read and understand theirs and their employees’ personality will be better positioned to succeed. Knowing what type of individual is best suited for specific tasks allows for a productive and harmonious work place. Understanding weaknesses and improving upon them is beneficial as well.

Project 1
Step 1
Upon completing the Jung Typology Test, it was revealed that I associate as an E, extravert 34% S, sensing 9% F, feeling 16% J, judging 34% (Jung, n.d.). The accuracy of the test is valid and verifiable by comparing the meaning and the nature of the letters with my various personality traits. Many examples provided were accurate to the point that it has forced me to address many flaws and weaknesses, while emphasizing my strengths. According to Keirsey’s…

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