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Personal Responsibility Essay: Academic Success vs. Creating an Excellent Credit Score
Charnelle Riley
GEN 200
July 23, 2013
Hector Fulgencio

Personal Responsibility Essay: Academic Success vs. Creating an Excellent Credit Score

The definition of personal responsibility is when a person is responsible for all that concerns them. Personal responsibility is a subject that not everyone will define the same. Viewpoints are often influenced by culture, peer pressure, and others opinions. Being accountable may range from daily chores, work duties, acquiring a good credit score, taking charge of your education, to being an active member of your community. An article found by Steve Brunkhorst, labeled ‘12 Reflections on Person
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When building a better credit score: 1) a yearly credit report should be obtained from each credit bureau, 2) dispute all false entries, 3) follow-up by requesting another copy of your credit report after disputes have been completed, and 4) monitor your credit limits on all open credit lines. It is easy to spend money not your own, but paying back money to creditors can prove to be a challenge as well. The same thing could be said about attending school. A student must complete required readings, activities and, essays in order to get the highest grade possible. When a person decides that he or she wants to go back to school; time, money, health and, dedication are factors that help with determining that their experience is successful. The relationship between personal responsibility and college success is the ability to take care of tasks, such as understanding what an assignment requires before or during the time of completing the task. This task can be achieved by a person wanting to make a difference in said areas.

A plan to practice personal responsibility in education would be to 1) Take the time to review your assignments before they are due and to clarify any information hard to understand with your instructor and classmates. 2) Make sure that you set aside time to complete readings and assignments and try to stick to a schedule so that you do not fall behind in your studies. 3)

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