Essay on Gear Accountability

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Mitchell Strohmeyer
Lance Corporal Uch
3/4 Kilo
Importance of Gear Accountability Gear accountability is very important in the Marine Corp. What would a Marine do in a combat environment if he left his Kevlar back at the rear? None of his brother’s would just happen to pull out an extra for him to borrow for the patrol. The same fundamentals apply to any other significant equipment items. In combat environments all the gear issued is issued for a reason, whether it is something as major as a rifle or something as small as a flashlight. It is even wise to sometimes bring unrequired gear like an e-tool just in case. I will try to explain why Marines need their gear, what they can do to prevent it, and what could happen
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The main reason Marines are held to such standards of accountability, especially as infantrymen, is survival. We are getting taught these principles now so when we are in country and in a real danger zone, we have all the gear required to complete the mission. Being a Marine means that at any time we are expected to be ready to go to war. This is the reason for speed and intensity in everything we do, train as you fight and when the time comes to fight, you will have properly trained. The importance of being accountable for gear is only greater being an infantryman, we are at the front of the fight, and have the most dangerous duties. The most common method used to deter the loss of gear is dummy cording items to your person. This not only ensures the gear stays with the Marine but also can teach a lesson. When specifically instructed to dummy cord something it is usually not something as simple as a set of NVG’s, but more like a punishment for leaving a rifle or other important piece of gear. What would happen if the squad went out for a night patrol in country and one Marine was missing his NVG’s? If they take contact he is going to take longer to respond and will not be able to see where the enemy is without some sort of allum. That is another reason we are taught to physically touch our gear from time to time to make sure it is still intact, also if the gear is checked frequently and does come up missing it will be

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