Essay Gay Marriage Should Be Legalized

1071 Words Mar 3rd, 2015 null Page
Throughout life ads influence you whether you are aware of it or not, they are everywhere throughout our daily lives, and some of these ads carry great weight behind them while appealing to their audiences. Gay marriage should be legalized because marriage inequality has had an adverse impact on one 's health & well-being; has fostered discrimination and hate crimes against gay couples, and prevented same-sex couples from sharing the same legal rights and benefits of traditional marriages according to the advertising appeals on the need for curiosity, affiliation, and prominence. Moving forward gay marriage should be legalized under the appeals from Jib Fowles based on the needs for curiosity, affiliation and prominence. Analyzing his advertising appeals side by side gay marriage should be legalized due to marriage inequality having impacts upon a person’s health, or discrimination, and sharing legal rights that others so enjoy. Using Fowle’s advertising appeals we will discern how they are used in correlation while defining each appeal in relation to the actual ad message. However some have always felt a desire to know more, an innate curiosity driven fourth from the inner depths of their mind on a thought provoking image, or an ad in this case. Speaking to the viewer of the ad, communicating that gay marriage is something that should be legal as inequality impacts people’s health. Appealing to curiosity in Fowles view involves human beings are naturally curious and will…

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