Galaxy Archetypes

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Are These the Idiots That Are Going to Save Are Galaxy
Does that Raccoon really have a gun? This is one group of unlikely heroes., A bandit that named himself, a Raccoon with a Tree that are bounty hunters, an evil female assassin, and a pissed of green guy on steroids. These guys are supposed to work together to save the galaxy, they can barely keep from killing each other. This looks like the galaxy could be in big trouble. This is an Escapist movie, that has quit a bit of Archetypes in it, along with quit a few human experiences as well.
This movie is an Escapist movie; it is a movie that takes the reader to many imaginary places. In the beginning of the movie after the mother dies the little boy is abducted by a space ship. The story
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When the movie begins Peter’s mother dies, and you have a child grieving for his dead mother. Then later on you have the Green steroid guy Drex, who carries around hate for the villain Roman who murdered his wife and child. Let’s not forget the start of a love story between Peter and Gamora. It starts off a little ruff Peter’s a player, and Gamora is a no-nonsense person with a little bit of an anger issue. There is also the relationship between to best friends Rex the raccoon and Grue the tree. Towards the end of the movie, Grue gives his life to protect his friends, from the crash landing of the destroyed space ship (Gunn, Abnett, and Perlman, 2014 August, 04). Those are some of the human experiences of emotions felt through-out the movie.
The Guardian of the galaxy is a comical, action movie, that lets you escape reality. There is comedy, to make the movie watcher laugh. There is action to peak the interest of the movie goers. This is an Escapist movie, that makes you laugh and makes you cry, through its Archetypes, the trickster, the double personality along with quit a few human experiences as well. The Guardian of the galaxy is an overall movie, that most movie goers should

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