Essay on Futsal and Football

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Comparison between two sport games
FUTSAL AND FOOTBALL Both futsal and football are exciting sports. For both of the games, the instruments used are almost the same. Besides the concept of the games and the interaction of the players during the games are also quite similar for both games. Most of the times, a lot of people may think that have no differences between futsal and football. In contrast, that has some differences between two games. First of all, the differences between futsal and football are the rules of the games. For futsal, they are only 20 minutes in a game which is shorter of the time period comparing to football. During the games, no offside rules available in the futsal games and the players sent off can be
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Former Brazilian player Goncalves (1998, p.94) states ‘Futsal is excellent for developing technique, in particular that fast movements with and without the ball’. For the players, they undergo late retired when compared to the football game and it may around 35 to 40 years old. But, for the football game, they have 11 players on the court. The players of the football game will undergo earlier retirement once they achieve 32 to 35 years old. Sometimes, it is also depending on your ability and individual professional technique. For example, in England, the players more focus to everyone’s technique and ability to controlling the ball. Alberta (2007) stated that unless you (England) change your whole approach to football, nothing will get better. The most important thing that can happen to England players is that they improve their technique. As a conclusion, although the futsal and football games have a lot of differences, there are also have remarkable similarities among them which is the instruments used for the games such as ball, gloves and so on. Concept of the games will always maintain all the single time. For both games, every athlete should interact with one another such as teamwork, cognitive and physical training. Mastery performance consists of athletes having highly refined decisions making skills and to develop this attribute in athletes training must be designed to combine cognitive and physical training as one as stated by Vickers

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