Fundamentals of Quarterback in the Nfl Essay

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The Fundamentals of Quarterback in the NFL
By: David Cruz

The Fundamentals of Quarterback in the NFL
By. David Cruz
Ever wondered what it take to be a star Quarterback in the national football league?
For this essay, I am going to compare the differences between two quarterback, Drew Brees from the New Orleans Saints and Cam Newton from the Carolina Panthers. The reason why I chose this essay is to provide the readers with a bit more insight on how each quarterback in the national football league is different. During this essay, I will be discussing the following feats that every quarterback in the national football league should possess in order to succeed: Passing the football, athleticism displayed on the field, and the affect
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In the last paragraph we talked about the rewards that passing the ball will give a team, but there are a lot of penalties that will occur if the quarterback’s accuracy is not précised. The major one is Interceptions. An interception can destroy momentum and make any team lose trust in their quarterback’s abilities to throw an accurate pass. Drew Brees is known for taking risks and passing the ball. But in week 10 of the national football league’s regular season, Drew Brees threw two interceptions at the first half and passed for only 292 yards. Looking at the numbers from week 10, an NFL fanatic can tell that the New Orleans saint receivers were a bit untrustworthy of their quarterbacks’ arm that day. Cam Newton is not known for his passing, but in week 10 of the regular season he decided to take some risks. He threw for 306 yards and 3 interceptions.
The Risk/Rewards of Running with the Football Drew Brees may be an accurate quarterback, but his downside is he prefers to stay in the pocket rather than run for a few extra yards. When the quarterback start running with the ball he start becoming more than a one dimensional quarterback and every defense fears that in a quarterback. Now the defensive coordinator has to keep one guy focused on the quarterback, which leaves all of the wide receivers guarded by only one defender. Another effect that can happen when a quarterback runs the ball is that the defense starts getting tired. When a

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