Essay on Functionalism And Its Impact On Mental State

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Functionalism is a mental state theory which state that a design of an object should be determined by its function rather than its visual considerations. This theory state that all features of a society serve a function and are necessary for survival of that society. Functionalism is abstract stage between the physical performance and behavioral output. The main suggestion of functionalism is that mental state (pain, desire, belief) are comprised by their functional role only. According to Functionalism the crucial features of a mental state is the set of casual relations it bears to environmental effect on the body, mental state and bodily behavior. Pain for example, characteristically results from bodily damage or hurt. Any state that plays the similar functional role is pain according to functionalism. Functionalism specify functional state in terms of input (what causes that state), output (what behavior that state cause) and interactions (how that state interact with other states).whatever satisfy these specifications realizes the mental state. Computer being compared to a human brain for example, they both perform the same appropriate functions of input and output. Even though the computer is a physical device with electronic substract which calculate input to give output, while a brain is a physical device with neural substract which calculate input to give out behavior.
Behaviorism is a theory of mind which state that a mental concept can be explained in terms of…

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