Function Of Carbohydrates Essay

The structure and function of carbohydrates (25 Marks)
Carbohydrates are made from Carbon (C), Hydrogen (H) and Oxygen (O). A monosaccharide is the monomer sub unit of carbohydrates and can be joined together through a condensation reaction to form a glycosidic bond between the two monomers which is known as a disaccharide. The above diagram shows a condensation reaction taking place. There is a reaction between two monomer sub units, in this case α-glucose and ethanol, which involves the linking of the two monomers to create a glycosidic bond and a water molecule, is removed. An anomeric carbon is one that is bonded to two oxygen atoms in a ring like structure. The glycosidic bond is a covalent bond between the hydroxyl group (OH) and hydrogen
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Lots of monosaccharide’s can be joined together via the same reaction to form a disaccharide. An example of a monosaccharide is glucose and fructose, both monomers following the structural rule [(CH2O)n] ,where n is any integer, which make the basis of a carbohydrate; as we can see, the monosaccharide’s that make up the carbohydrate all contain the 3 basic elements. Glucose (C6H12O6) is hugely important in the body and in all living organisms that respire as it is one of the substrates needed for respiration (Glucose + Oxygen = Carbon Dioxide + Water + ATP). The three basic key of a monosaccharide are Glucose, Galactose and Fructose; these form the building blocks for essential polysaccharides that are important for sustaining …show more content…
Ribose is a soluble sugar which is important to the nucleic acid as is responsible in holding together the genetic material as well as being important to nucleotides which are organic molecules that serve as the monomers, or subunits, of nucleic acids. D-ribose is comprised of the chemical formula C5H10O5. Ribose is a key component in the nucleic acids that make up DNA and RNA (ribonucleic acid). The role of ribose is that it aids in the repair of systems such the skeletal and myocardial system. Ribose helps in the creation of oxygen during intense exercise due to free radicals being produced by stress. This can lead to a slow recovery in muscles after exercise which is why ribose is important in

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