Fruits Essay

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Professor Kelechi Mezu
Introduction to Biology – SCI 115
March 2, 2010

We use our sense of taste to differ if fruit is sweet or sour. That taste depends on the components in the fruit. Fruits contain fructose, acids, vitamin, starch, proteins, and cellulose. All of these components contribute to the taste of fruit. Fruits with high fructose levels tend to be sweeter whereas fruits with high levels of acid tend to be sour. Oranges however, have equal quantities of fructose and acids, leaving the taste a mystery. Raw fruits contain more acid but when ripened the acid decreases and the amount of sugar increases. Fruits such as bananas contain starch but gets converts to fructose when ripened. Until the starch is
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Several genes associated with ripening are ethylene inducible. This occurs in most genes but at least one is known where mRNA accumulation is regulated. None of these genes are induced until competence for ethylene response is attained. Ethylene production is autocatalytic which means the exposure to ethylene stimulates the synthesis of more ethylene. This occurs because the genes for the biosynthetic enzymes (e.g. ACC SYNTHASE) are ethylene inducible. Furthermore, the Never-ripe gene is ethylene inducible, resulting in a positive feedback loop for ethylene sensitivity as well. Both these factors contribute to the dramatic burst of ethylene production during ripening. According to Giovannoni, the role of the climacteric process is unclear however it is clear that the process helps fruits to ripen.
Whether ripe or unripe, people consume fruits for numerous reasons. The body’s reaction to fruit does stop at the mouth, it continues through the entire digestive system. As the fruit breaks down, it releases vitamin, minerals, and antioxidants to the bloodstream that the body need. A large enough consumption of these components will create a healthy cleansing of impurities from the body which can aide in weight loss. They also provide energy from the release of natural sugars contained in certain fruits. However, as with anything that we consume,

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