Frozen Movie Analysis

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In every Disney movie there is some sort of underlying meaning or theme. In Disney’s new movie Frozen, critics saw an enormous amount of reasons why it is a negative influence to the audience especially children. Because the audience is looking at it through an entertainment focus and not looking at it through an analysis point of view, not all are aware of the wrong doings exposed to their children or themselves. A large theme portrayed in the movie Frozen is the difference between the physical and internal characteristics the main character displays compared to other characters. Disney puts the focus on a physical beautiful character that contains little to no beauty within which is what a young girl should not be idolizing. Disney movies …show more content…
Clear comparisons and contrasts can be pointed out between main character Elsa and her sister Anna in the Disney movie Frozen. At a glance, Elsa becoming the queen and gaining a higher rule with magical powers has more than her little sister Anna with no magical powers as well as no rule in the family. Without looking in great detail at each of their characteristics, it is easily seen why Elsa is the main character. Even though Anna does not have a rule in the family and appearance is not as great as her older sisters, it is clear why Disney should have made Anna the main character. Young girls are focusing on the main character and worrying about looks and not so much the kind of person she is. Elsa is a selfish, powerful, cold hearted character who throughout the movie makes wicked choices and decisions with an evil attitude due to the predicament she is involved in. Anna is a caring, loving, heartfelt character who looks out for those around her especially her older sister. Anna is the model young girls should be looking up to. For example, in the movie a dialogue occurs between Anna and Elsa. Anna is showing her care and affection towards her older

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