Friday Night Lights : The Metaphysical Theory Of The Basic Question

1248 Words Dec 5th, 2016 5 Pages
"Texas Forever" is a mantra Tim Riggins, the main character in the television series, Friday Night Lights, lives by. The premise of the show is how an entire town base their dreams on the game of football and we learn those dreams do not come without compromise. It is easy to identify with the characters in Friday Night Lights because their lives and their situations are believable. When we base our life upon a dream or the person we believe we deserve to be, it can be a tragedy or it can be motivational, especially if that spiritual place is not a place at all, but a feeling, a hope or a dream. In this paper, I will argue that Friday Night Lights shows the metaphysical theory of the basic question: “Ultimately, what is there?” A single word to answer that question, would be–dreams. Sports can give players a disillusioned idea about entitlement and who they believe they deserve to be. How to handle it, is most important. Riggins is a high school football player who bases his life on a dream. He has no real thoughts for his future, just that he will continue on as a football player in his beloved home State of Texas. This dream is not realistic, but for a teen athlete, it is everything. He and other players on the team believe they will make it big, always be together and always have Texas. Because his parents deserted him and his brother, Riggins has no guidance and at eighteen years old, he deals with situations in his life by drinking to excess. Although…

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