Essay Free Speech : Freedom Of Speech

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Freedom of Speech In the United States it is a right to be able to say what you want to say, but this right is often violated. It is violated when there is conflict between an officer and a person leading to the officer getting mad and arresting the person. Speech is a right that everyone in the United States has. That right is violated way too much by law enforcement. “Buffer Zones”, which are zones that are set up around abortion clinics to keep the media away, are also a form of suppressing our freedom of speech. They keep protestors and media away from the building which is illegal based on our freedom of speech. A woman in New York is arrested for expressing her protesting and taking videos of police officers to make sure that they are doing their jobs and not doing anything illegal like abusing their power. The incident in Ferguson also had many unlawful arrests for people who were in the streets protesting for their rights. Many people were arrested just for yelling at police officers which is not illegal. Those people were wrongfully arrested. A man attending a university claims that colleges restrict your speech more than what is legal. He claims that you can only say what the professors want you to say and if you say anything inappropriate you may kick out of the class. I agree with this man. I personally feel that my speech is very restricted in school. I have gotten in trouble way too many times for only saying something that the teacher did not like. This needs…

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