France 's Health Care System Essay

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The Greatest Health Care on the Planet: France’s Sécurité Sociale When France comes to mind, it invokes thoughts of the Eiffel Tower, delicious and scrumptious food, and beautiful scenery. One may even have visions of quaint restaurants with outdoor seating, with patrons drinking wine and smoking a cigarette. These are images and descriptions that have been given about France for decades. It is one of the world’s most popular vacation destinations. The last thing these images would do is make you think about the health care system of France. However, France’s health care system is considered to be the most elite in the world (Healthcare). While many would like to declare that France’s health care system is “socialized medicine”, that simply is untrue (Dutton, Healthcare). With its beginning established at the end of World War II, France’s health care system gives a choice of five insurance companies that cover up to 80% of medical costs, where the individual pays the remainder (Dutton, Healthcare). France does not have waiting lists for patients, similar to what occurs with the waiting lists in Canada and Great Britain (Dutton). France also reviews its health care system and makes adjustments as needed (Healthcare). While having one of the best health systems in the world, France does have issues with smoking and the disease processes that accompany smoking (Cadier). France has also made a mark in the technological area of health as well. France has a multifaceted health…

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