Four Progressive Eras

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Four progressive eras of art are//There are numerous amounts of eras dealing with art; some of the more highlighted periods are Early Renaissance, High Renaissance, Gothic, and Medieval. Each era contributed timeless art pieces and their influences are still being researched and understood today. All of the Eras also helped individuality flourish through art. The creative pieces produced during these periods helped future artist to expand their work, too.
Medieval Era occurred during the Middle Ages (Alchin). Most of the artwork that was being produced was focused on religion. The main two characters painted were Christ and the Virgin Mary. One of the main mediums was frescos on wooden panels. In addition, there was not as big of a variety of colors used in the pieces during this period (Alchin). There was a strong use of gold leaf to help add emphasis. The architecture made during this period overlapped with the Gothic
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One of the focal points for this time period was the city of Florence. The popular mediums that were used were frescos, oil paint and tempera ("High Renaissance Art."). Virgin Mary and baby Jesus still had a stronger presence but the pieces that the two were in were less *conventional*. The main difference from the Medieval and Gothic art is the use of colors. During this period, the artwork started to become realistic, instead of static like Gothic and Medieval. Filippo Brunelleschi, one of the popular artists during this time, created perspective, which helped to add depth to art. A characteristic that emerged was the depiction of contrast, specifically light. The subject matter was also different compared to the previous two time periods. For example, mythological characters began to come to the forefront in art pieces. The reason why classical mythology was not present during Medieval era was because it was believed to be tied to paganism ("High Renaissance

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