Essay on Four P's of Marketing

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Introduction The Information Centre was established in 1946 and has achieved significant goals along the way. This has established the Information Centre firmly within the organisation and has raised its profile (within the organisation) over the years. The Information Centre has a reputation for service excellence. This is important for future marketing as we would like to retain our current customer base and this can only be achieved through continuing service excellence. Mission statement

The purpose of the Information Centre is to provide an information service to assist decisionmaking processes, and to promote the active use of
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Price; Product; Place; Promotion.


What has our experience been? The client is prepared to pay for superior service. Now this sounds all very warm and fuzzy but if you have the right product, the infrastructure to deliver on promises and a client centered attitude, then the client will be prepared to pay for the service. In our case we have a mandate from management to "recover" as much as we are able to from outside our corporate offices, while the remainder of the costs are considered as infrastructure costs, which are then spread across the various business units within the organisation. This does not mean that we neglect our internal client base! We have to retain and maintain our service levels to our internal client base, but continuously seek to increase our business from the other Group companies and members. As mentioned previously, the client will be prepared to pay for perceived value add. The price is also related to your Unique Selling Proposition (USP). If the client knows that the service provided would retrieve “exact hits” efficiently, then the client is prepared to pay for it. In our case we levy a time charge per product, based on the time it takes an Information Officer to provide the particular products/services. We have four categories of clients: Corporate office clients Outside the corporate office (group companies) Outside Anglo American clients (members) Non-members/Day visitors. We

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