Formal Letter Writing A Letter Essay

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What would the world be like if we woke up one day and found ourselves without the ability to use our beloved technology and only a pen and paper? Several people don 't use a pen and paper to communicate making many of them unfamiliar with the concept of formal letter writing. Formal letter writing is writing a letter from one individual to another with the aim of applying for a job, sending apologies, or inquiry of information that may be in need of communication. Various technological and social developments have caused a decline in formal letter writing which was a major way of communication in the past. For instance, in the 1980s Mrs.Pacheco, current U.S citizen, had to constantly write letters to her husband because it was her only way of communication. However, in today 's society cell phones, internet, e-mail, and other technological developments are our main sources of communication, but these devices have caused massive losses in our social output and overall formal letter writing. A major cause for the decline of formal letter writing is due to cell phones and internet use. Cell phones -also referred to as smart phones- have changed social interactions. As of 2014 99% of all Americans own a cell phone of that, 81% use their cellphones to send or retrieve text messages and 73% use it for email or video chatting (Johnson, “Face time vs. screen time”). Social media such as instagram, facebook, and twitter have also emerged causing an increase of the use of…

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