Essay On Forgery And Counterfeiting

The two drivers as well as the owner of the desk broke a series of laws. In order to prove a criminal offense there must be Mens Rea, mental intent required to carry out crime, as well as Actus Reus, the physical act itself. Driver 1 is guilty of Unlawful Appropriation and Larceny from the person. Driver 2 is guilty of Assault with intent to commit specified felonies, Unlawful Appropriation, and Larceny from the person. The owner is guilty of Forgery and Counterfeiting. Forgery and Counterfeiting requires a, “person who shall falsely make, alter, forge, or counterfeit, or procure to be falsely made, altered, forged, or counterfeited, any public record… with the intent to defraud” (RI Criminal Offenses Title 11-17-1). In order for one to be charged with Forgery and Counterfeiting they must have in their possession a falsified piece of money in attempt to mislead others. When the two truck drivers were loading the desk into the truck and the counterfeited money fell out there is a …show more content…
This act brings to light Unlawful Appropriation, “Any person to whom any money or other property of another shall be entrusted or delivered for a particular purpose, who shall intentionally appropriate to his or her own use that money or property, shall be deemed guilty of unlawful appropriation” (RI Criminal Offenses Title 11-41-11.1). Unlawful Appropriation refers to when one is employed or trusted by the owner of an item, money or property, and the employed individual uses that trust to steal from the owner. Actus Reus is present upon the drivers hiring for this job and the actual theft of the $1000 because they were trusted to be compensated for their moving services and that did not include the $1000 in the desk. The mental intent, Mens Rea, is shown when the drivers stopped to think about return the money but instead kept the money for

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