Forensic Science Application Essay Sample

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I am immensely grateful to you, Mr. Ward M. Wheatall, for the Harry Wheatall Renaissance Scholarship granted to me. With your support, I was able to complete my first two semesters of college at the Brandywine campus of Penn State and can now confidently continue my success. I am still majoring in Forensic Science as planned. Penn State has been everything I imagined and more. This experience has truly been eye opening, educational, challenging, and fun. My academic plans for my next couple of semesters are to keep pursuing my Forensic Science degree while also obtaining and completing all of my general education credits. I was able to learn more about the forensic science professional field, and it has only made me more determined …show more content…
It was working with him that I was able to get a lot of general education credits while also continuing my mandatory credits. By this time next year, I should be on a very good track to where all my future classes will be important to my major. My goal for this upcoming academic year is to set up my future semesters in a way where I can focus on my career goal. I have become more appreciative of science while attending college. I still want to be able to use science as a tool to help protect our world’s environment, as forensic scientist do. It is my career goal to become a forensic scientist, and I believe I am on the correct path of doing so. My love for science, my past teachers, my current professors, my family, and the generous Renaissance Scholarship you supply to me have all contributed to my ambition to complete my career goals. The importance that the Harry Wheatall Renaissance scholarship means to me is the thought that someone is willing to put money on my success through education. The most important thing for me is to make sure I do right by everyone who has believed in me. This scholarship gives me more motivation to prove my supporters right. With the Harry Wheatall Renaissance Scholarship, you aid me financially and inspire me to make sure I succeed in

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