Serial Killer John Wayne Gacy

Serial killers, we have all seen them on TV and heard of them, but now we get to go in depth and learn about their life and I am excited. I love watching shows like ncis and stuff like that and
I am thinking about becoming a forensic psychologist so this is right up my alley. Now I have put a lot of thought into which killer I am going to choose and I decided to pick john Wayne gacy.
He was one of the most psychotic killers of his time and probably the scariest. John was born on
March 17, 1942 in Chicago, Illinois. He was of Danish and polish decent; he was the only boy out of three children. His parents’ names were Marion Elaine Robinson and john Stanley gacy, as a child he was overweight and as called ‘’ lazy’’ on many occasions and wanted
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In august 1967 gacy committed his first known sexual assault on a 15 year old boy. He was arrested and requested a polygraph test which proved him guilty but he still denied them and that they were ‘’ politically motivated.’’ On September 12 he gacy was given a psychiatric evaluation, he was diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder, but he was mentally competent to stand trial. In 1968 he pleaded guilty and admitted to sodomy charges and was sentenced 10 years at the Anamosa state penitentiary and his wife filed for a divorce and won, he never saw his wife or children again. He was let out on parole

and again sodomizes another young man this time he murdered him and did it dressed as his alter ego pogo the clown. He married again and divorced again. He then later murdered two young men and buried them underneath his dining table in the crawl space. Was arrested again after he was convicted as a suspect but he was proven guilty after the bodies were found and he told the police of all the murders and rapes he had committed. In 1980 he was given the lethal injection and killed.

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I believe there were many aspects that lead to this man turning out to be the murderer that
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Even if the attention they get is negative their brains are getting some kind of attention. He was very close to his sisters but I read that his father was not as abusive to his sisters and showed his sisters attention that really hurt him bad. I can imagine he was probably feeling alone then he gets molested by a family friend and doesn’t tell his father out of fear but now he watches his sisters get the attention he wasn’t, the attention he craves , the attention he worked his whole childhood to get and then whenever he gets older after he makes something of his self and decides he doesn’t need his father’s approval he can make on his own and he has two kids and a wife and a job and stuff starts working out his father just shows up and says ‘’ I guess I was wrong about you.’’ Then he probably feels like his father only loves him when he has money and his father never approved of him and now he is finally over his whole childhood his father shows up and says one sentence and it most likely all came back every beating every night of

sitting in his room listening to his mother’s cries and watching his sisters get the attention

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