Do Rich People Get Off Easier When They Break The Law Analysis

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Do rich people get off easier when they break the law? Rich people do get off easier when they break the law because they can pay people off to avoid charges, they have more money to get better lawyers which means they will get off the hook, and they are also seen as a privilege person. Rich people get off easier because they are able to pay people such as police to avoid charges. For example many rich people know a lot of people and they are very known. Mostly for being rich so when they need help they know who to go to. Rich people know which police will take a bribe to help them clear their name. Therefor they get connection just by giving the other person money. Another reason why rich people get off easier when they break the law …show more content…
Even helps a person get off the hook when they shouldn't.

murder. When all the evidence pointed towards him some how he still got off and wasn't charged. Throughout this whole time he had the best lawyers due to the fact he had the money to pay for them. After the trial he was found guilty and when they tried to arrest him he got in his vehicle and started a speed chase. He was only in jail for a short amount of time and then was soon found not guilty. Therefor this shows how rich people are able clear their name. Lastly rich people get off easier when they commit a crime because they are seen as privileged. For example Martha Stewart lied about stocks that was a felony charge of conspiracy. Most people will get years sentences for those charges. Martha Stewart's only got five months and was released. She was only able to get early release because she was known it not just because that's all the time that needed to be sentenced to her. This shows that money can get you shorter sentences on big charges such as felonies. This all shows money is the root to all evil which mean most people will do whatever it takes to get it. Even helps a person get off the hook when they

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