The Rich Should Pay More In Taxes Essay

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For decades one question has continuously came up― should the rich pay a higher tax rate because of their wealth? There are two separate types of rich. There are those who inherit the money, and those who have worked hard and strived to be a successful person. Therefore, to answer the question previously stated, higher tax rates should not pertain to the ones who made sacrifices to become wealthy. A vast majority of the people who become wealthy gave their time, money and effort to become self-made, successful people. Of course people could say, “Yes, the rich should pay more in taxes because they have more money than I do.” However, they only look at the small percent of the upper class who inherited the money, and so called “cheated their …show more content…
Some believe the rich should pay more in taxes in addition to others are complaining about how easy the rich have it. The chances are that the author who makes such a statement is highly likely to be uneducated or simply frustrated. However, some make valid points, and they have reasons for their opinion. A well-known politician, Paul Ryan, wrote about this issue and stated, “We 're all dependent on the government services that we too easily take for granted. The wealthiest Americans receive the greatest benefits, but they insult the rest of us by treating their tax responsibility like a game.” Again, the wealthy people that he is describing are the people who have either inherited the money, or so called “fake suits”, or are people who have made their money by climbing the corporate ladder of large corporations that have deceived average citizens to become so broad. We look at one’s reasoning, such as Paul Ryan’s, and think that it is easy to see why we should make the rich pay more. We could easily believe that they are playing games with us and we are simply a pawn in their enormous corporate scandal. However, one must ask one’s self, “What about the rich who earned their way of living? What about the ones who pay their taxes right, and they run a good business? What about those who their business is their life, and they may have money, but do they have anything else? What sacrifices have they made to put them in the situations that they are

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