The Importance Of Living In The 1920's

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Imagine yourself living in the Roaring Twenties. It was considered the golden decade during 1920’s. During this time, America was full of growth, prosperity, and was considered a new step into the future. Cars were built to go faster, women wore less, and almost everyone was wealthy. It was time full of exciting parties with the flapper girls, and a careless fun times. The wealthy were obsessed with money, fame, materialistic items which made them turn into shallow and vain people. They drove fancy automobiles with the most elegant clothing. Nevertheless, the Roaring Twenties was the place to be. Everything just seemed perfect because you didn’t have a single care in the world as long as you were rich, but doesn’t that seem biased towards the rich? …show more content…
Sure they attend the free parties held by the rich, but that was basically nothing more than a good time. What good comes from being poor, while the rich people enjoy their luxurious lives. Maybe their reward was getting a chance to see incredible things at the parties, but they never would be able to afford any of those luxuries in life. If you really think about the rich only allowed the poor people to attend the parties to show them the lifestyle that they could never have. In a way, the rich seemed to taunt them as if they were children begging for a toy that they could never have. It really boils down to does the rich even care for the poor? It seems very unlikely that they really care for the less fortunate. In both David Sirota and Joseph E. Stiglitz compelling articles, they both roughly discuss how the rich live a more elaborate lifestyle compared to everyone else. I’ve gathered from both of these authors that the wealthy do live a better life, and that lifestyle makes them shallow and uncaring for the poor. The rich doesn’t care for the poor because many of them weren’t born with struggles, and they genuinely can’t sympathize with how it feels to be

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