Foreign Policy : The United States Essay example

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Foreign Policy A Nation founded on the principles of equality, justice and freedom for all. The United States has clearly established a democratic state for its citizens. The promise of freedom to its citizens has been fulfilled. However, as a global superpower and a member of the United Nations Security Council with power to veto,the United States has more responsibilities in the global community, with power to influence world politics. The United States has sought to solve global conflicts, many by force and backed by the largest standing military force, the highest military spending and the largest stockpile of nuclear weapons. With significant global presence across the world in numerous conflicts.The United States has encouraged parts of the world to have a negative view of their policy of 'exporting democracy’. Invasions in Iraq and Afghanistan leaving many civilian casualties and years later, the country is still in chaos. The United States is viewed as a disruptive force by most in the region. I strongly believe the United States needs to rethink its foreign policy. American Policy in the Middle East began during the Cold War to prevent Soviet allies from spreading Communist ideas in the region and ensure western access to oil. The United States built relations with all Middle Eastern countries. The United States first entered the region in 1979 when a secular communist government came to power in Afghanistan. The government enjoyed popular support from the…

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