Forbidden Children Research Paper

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Forbidden Children Since the beginning of the creation of humanity, God had his own plan for all of his creation. Men and women were deliberately created with a variety of characteristics and uniqueness so that they can complement each other and unite to form families. A good concept of a family essentially can only be formed if there is a father, a mother, and a child in that family (Farr 165). This concept is likely to be designed such this way so that all members of the family can run their roles in both their family and society properly. Unfortunately, there are same-sex couples trying to alter the concept of a perfect family which consists of a father and a mother. The role of a father in a family does not have to be taken by a man anymore …show more content…
Recently, issues related to child abuse have started emerging in our lives. This phenomenon happens because there are a lot of couples who are not responsible for their children. Certainly, the emergence of same-sex couples and families can improve this appalling ambience. Same-sex couples can adopt children who are neglected and abused by their original families. Because most of the same-sex families usually come from families who have good economical condition, certainly they will be able to give many assistances to those children such as health care, education, and shelter. Similarly to Thomas Beatie who has good work and a house to prepare for a family (Beatie 24). Eventually, this situation will provide many benefits not only for the abused children but also for the government. The government will not have to pay more to take care neglected children in orphanages. The adopted children may also improve their social lives as they will receive education and enough everyday needs . However, neglected children adopted by same-sex parents will experience more stress and psychological disasters as they are going to receive more discrimination from society. The children usually receive insults as individuals who were not only thrown away by their families, but also individuals who may transform as the next lesbians or gays. This social problems will eventually make the children not only hate their families, but also their own bodies (McAndrew 92). Also, there is a possibility that children raised in same-sex families can encounter sexual abused by their adoptive parents. Since their parents usually have limitation in their relationships to other people outside, they do not hesitate to exploit their own children. As a result, the unfortunate children will experience tremendous depression since their minds will be centralized on humiliation instead of finding ways to improve their social

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