Essay on Football And Football : Football

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Football one of Americas most iconic sports there is next to baseball. The tides have shifted majorly from baseball to football over the past twenty years. Football is nearly a multibillion dollar industry both colligate and professional. Over the past twenty year; football has sky rocketed into what it is today and gets bigger every year and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. As ratings go up every day, the number one question that is always asked is isn’t this sport too dangerous to be playing? NO. Football is about more than some players getting hurt.
Every country around the world has a sport that is their biggest and 9 times out of 10 you will hear soccer. That is not the case in America. All you will hear is one thing “Football”. Saturday is college football then Sunday is NFL football. Every Saturday all over America people tune into espn every morning at 9am to watch college game day. College game day is one of the most watched tv programs in America, racking in millions of viewers every weekend. Its astonishing this many people watch such a “Dangerous sport”. In reality football isn’t that dangerous, yes it causes injuries but realistically its nowhere near as dangerous as doing things we do in our everyday life. Statistically you have more of a chance of getting hurt in a car than a football player has on a field every Saturday. Just because you have a chance of getting hurt driving a car doesn’t mean we don’t drive or watch other people drive. Same for…

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