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Food Service: A Growing Industry 1

Categories of Food Service 2

Catering and Food Delivery Services 3

Hygiene and Sanitation 9

Design and Layout of the Dining 12

And Working Area

Principles of Quantity Cooking 15

Planning Menu 21

Capital Requirements, Food Costing and Pricing 24 And Control of Expenses

Promotion and Networking 31

Annex 1

Table 1.1 Suggested portion serving for fruits and vegetables 33
Table 1.2 Suggested serving size for vegetables 34
Table 1.3
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Competition is low because only one canteen or cafeterias serves an entire office building or hospitals.

A concessionaire is a person given the right/authority by a building owner or institution to manage its canteen or cafeteria. Main consideration in the agreement between the representative of the institution and the concessionaire is to give their employees and clients clean and inexpensive food. Usually, a concessionaire is chosen through a bidding process and is given a contract which contains the obligation of the concessionaire and building owner, the length of the contract, food pricing, and benefits given to the concessionaire, the proper cleanliness and maintenance of the area, and the events that will cause the renewal or cancellation of contract. The concessionaire need not increase his price because regular income is assured with a captive clientele of employees or students from a company or school. Aside from this, food subsidy assistance is given by the management of a company, school or hospital to the concessionaire to reduce the price of food. This may be in the form of free electric and water usage and free space or equipment for cooking. It will allow the concessionaire to save on costs on equipment and focus on the preparation of food at a lower cost.
Catering and Food Delivery Services

When going into the food business, it is always best to start small in this way, one to have more time to focus on the important

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