Food Intake And Physical Activity Level Essay examples

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During a five day period from changing my diet I have felt an improvement in my health while regaining overall balance in my life. After reviewing the Energy Balance report, I have noticed that I ate many highly nutritious foods that were composed of more fruits and vegetables rather than my original health habits. Each day throughout the five day period stayed relatively the same based on my food intake and physical activity level. Although I have shown an improvement in my diet in nutritious benefits I fail to meet the daily recommended mark of 1798 per day. My diet caused a minor loss in weight combined with moderate amounts of exercise. However, throughout the five day period I have significantly reduced the amount of exercise that I should incorporate each day. I performed lots of house work inside due to moving into a new home, worked outside doing yardwork, performed regular household chores, and combined my physical activity with walking uphill. I could improve my physical activity routine with more frequent walks and begin running on a nearby track to slowly increase my activity level instead of keeping the same pace.
The Intake vs. Goals report reveals that my body appears to be balanced based on the amount of vitamins and minerals totally received but still lacking in enough nutrients. According to the intake report, my diet had vitamins and minerals that were below 100% which included thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, folate, vitamin C,…

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