Food Insecurity Effects Children School Lunches Essay

1166 Words Nov 19th, 2015 null Page
In the intro of the book they talk about how when you imagine talking about school lunches you don’t think of a very healthy meal, but it does not have to be like that. Instead of separating the people who get the free or reduce meal. They should all have been healthy and nutritional. She consternated more on the federal food programs. She talks about how at younger it doesn’t really matter about who gets the meal, but a certain age you realize when people get the reduce meal and often the kids don’t want other to know or they feel embarrassed about receiving it. They talk about how schools do not have a requirement on nutritional, but calories count, which does not mean much. It mentions how we need to act upon this problem now has gotten so bad recently and will continue to rise if we do not do anything about. There are so many kids that deal with food insecurity in the world that there are more kids than adults that deal with food insecurity. Often food insecurity effects the children school work. They sometimes do not go or they have hard time learning because their brain growing and they are not getting the nutritional value they need. Childhood obesity is also an increasing problem. They have should teach to the students what they should and should not be eating, but not just to teach them but to make sure they eat those while they are at school. The book also mentions if the school food program gets better with food like eat locally and not have many pesticides to…

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