Fonterra Co Operative Group Ltd Essay

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Fonterra Co-operative Group Ltd is an exporter of dairy products, it is headquartered in Oakland, New Zealand. In 2011, Fonterra Co-operative Group Ltd was the largest company in New Zealand. Founded in October 2001, Fonterra Co-operative Group Ltd is a cooperative, and its property rights are about 11000 households in the country. Fonterra Co-operative Group Ltd controls 1/3 of the world 's dairy trade. In 2007, Fonterra according to its management, it determines the assets listed on the New Zealand stock exchange, cooperatives hold 2/3 stake in listed companies, the members of farmers share 15% of the shares, the remaining approximately 20% of the shares listed in circulation.
“A human resources manager is critical to the functioning of any organization, large or small. Human resources managers are the liaison between employees and the corporate structure, and thus act for the stability and overall best interest of the entire institution.” First of all, we as a management, we should have a good moral and rational mind, in solving the problem, we have to have a clear analysis of ideas. We should give employees the opportunity to be equal, we should strictly eliminate population discrimination and racial discrimination, if we discriminate against employees, staff efficiency will decline, the staff will be job hopping. We should allocate the new staff and the old staff reasonably, ensure that the new staff and the old staff will not have the contradiction.
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