Strategic Planning, Organizational Change And SWOT Analysis

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Strategic Planning In this paper, the reader will be able to understand what strategic planning, organizational change, and a SWOT analysis are and how they are used in organizations and/or industries. It will explain the relationship between mission statements and organizational changes. At the end of the paper, the reader will be able to understand these factors as well as being able to apply them to their work environment.
What is Strategic Planning? Gamble and Thompson (2011) define, “ A strategic plan maps out where a company is headed, establishes strategic and financial targets, and outlines the competitive moves and approaches to be used in achieving the desired business results” (p.18). A company’s strategy is a plan where they can
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Centralize decision making involves the CEO and other close executives. Decentralize decision making involves managers and other employees who make decisions in their responsible area. Challenges managers face is having control over what they are implementing and not putting the business at risk. In order for the organization to overcome or avoid such challenges, they could try a different approach. The organization could limit the power one has in order to maintain organizational control. The organization could reward employees that have empowerment for good job performance or decision making that leads to good performance. The company can create a culture in which employee actions and responsibilities are instilled in workers (Gamble & Thompson, …show more content…
The information provided will explain these factors in a company setting. It will help the reader understand each factor and where and when it is applied or relevant within the company. The reader will have basic knowledge of each of these factors and how they are used in a company. They will be able to apply these factors in their own work environment, and it will help them to improve areas in which they are

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